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Let’s Change The Conversation About Mental Health..

In the news, and on social media we hear a lot about suicide and suicide prevention, especially in demanding times of our lives (like college!) and in demanding jobs. But where does it all start??

One’s mental health!

That is why we are so passionate about changing the conversations we have around mental health and helping others know they are not alone in their struggles. That having struggles with mental health doesn’t mean you are broken, it means you are human. There are resources and people around to help you.

Our civilian volunteer group helps spread awareness and works to connect you to the resources that can help you through when you need it most.

“I could have easily allowed my mental illness to define, but I didn’t. Instead, I gave myself a voice. And every day, I get a little stronger!”


In honor of my late Auntie Nora an RN who was tragically taken from us in 2017, the BEE Daring Foundation is working to raise money to create self care bags for our health care workers. Giving back was something my Aunt was known for. She had a heart of gold and would go above and beyond for her patients. Everyone loved working with her. Nora was a nurse who lit up the room every time she walked in. She was passionate about what she did. Working 20+ years in the ED, Nora headed up north where she worked in an urgent care. Towards the end, Nora was getting ready to retire. I know if she was here, she would be working helping those in need. I'll never forget the time, she pulled off on the side of the road to help a family in need. That was the type of person she was, selfless and ready to jump into action. She had the most amazing personality and she would tell you like it is. I can picture her now, in the ED, giving orders and telling everyone it's okay to be okay...we got this! Comforting those who might be new to the medical world and keeping her patients comfortable as they fight their battle against the disease. Her memory will live on forever, through the foundation.

BEE Ambassadors

Our BEE Ambassadors help us spread our message far and wide! Whether it’s doing presentations on campus, talking to local organizations or using their social media platform to help change the stigma of mental health.

Kristin Rulon Bee Ambassador

Kristin Rulon 
Kansas City, MO

Anne Kuhm BEE Ambassador

Anne Kuhm
Tempe, AZ

Laura Yochelson BEE Ambassador

Laura Yochelson
Washington, D.C.

Our Achievements

The dream of creating a mental health foundation in 2016 started off with an idea. Now we have:

Partners & Collaborators
Best Educational Program ``ASU Pitchfork Awards``
Attendees to Summits and Events
Mental Health Events We've Held

Meet Our Board Members

This amazing group of people helps the BEE Daring Foundation thrive, helps with fundraising, events, and keeping us fiscally responsible as we expand our reach to help more and more college students, athletes and first responders.

BEE Daring Foundation Profile Logo

Michelle DiMuria


BEE Daring Foundation Profile Logo

Toni Mascaro


BEE Daring Foundation Profile Logo

Rande Damaschi (RN)

Board Member

BEE Daring Foundation Profile Logo

Brian Burkard

Board Member

LAUNCHING 2020 - Mental Health Roadmap Courses

Building a roadmap like these, saved my life. Now I want to do the same for others. Learn how you can create balance in your life in 12 areas to help you stay on track to a path to better mental health in the future.


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Help Us, Help More People

The BEE Daring Foundation is a fiscally sponsored project of Social Good Fund, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN: 46-1323531. Donations to our organization help us host events to bring awareness to the importance of mental health.

Our Amazing Sponsors & Collaborators

We are proud to collaborate with national and local organizations to bring mental health awareness to a wider audience.

Connect Through Our BEEautifully Imperfect Magazine

Each month we provide tips, tools, resources, and stories, working towards reducing the stigmas and stereotypes that surround mental health.
*Note: The information provided in our magazine is for general information and educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional health advice.

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Stay in the know on what we're doing in the community to spread mental health awareness!